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Ponds and Aquariums

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquatech provides pond and aquarium maintenance and services including custom designs, maintenance and installation of aquatic habitats such as saltwater and freshwater aquariums and ponds.

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Aquarium Sales

Aquarium Sales

We will help you design your next aquarium or pond. We will work with you through every step of the design process to assure you receive most desireable custom aquarium or pond of your dreams.

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Tropical Salt Water Fish

Rare Tropical Fish

I bet you haven't seen fish like these before! We have access to the rarest, most tropical fish on the planet. We will help you acquire the most beautiful fish for your aquarium or pond. Give us a call now.

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Services Overview

We will come to your home or office and talk with you about the best location, shape, and size to get you the ultimate aquarium for any given setting.
Big or small. Local or cross-country. No other aquarium installation company has the experience of pet care. Period.
You can schedule regular aquarium maintenance visits with pet care Services to keep your system looking clean and healthy.

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